Arrive a Novice, Leave a Professional

Arrive a Novice, Leave a Professional

Receive your complete HVAC certification in Port St. Lucie, FL

After finishing your coursework, it's time to take the test and obtain your HVAC certifications. Our instructor at HVAC Certification Center in Port St. Lucie, FL proctors the exam after your HVAC training, so you'll be on your way to being a certified professional in no time.

Our HVAC training is in accordance with EPA section 608 for HVAC technicians. Once you leave the program, you'll be ready to take on any job in the industry.

Contact us today at 772-940-4486 to hear more about our HVAC certification program.

Let us help you get your universal HVAC certification

When you enter our training program, you'll leave with the knowledge and skills to do it all.

Our HVAC instructor proctors all three types of certifications available, which include:

  • Core: Safety
  • Type I: major appliances
  • Type II: residential and light commercial
  • Type III: commercial and industrial

By passing all three assessments, you receive a universal certification, allowing you to start working in any of these fields as a certified professional.